coral harbour 11 mile trek

11 Mile Trek
Owner: Jimmy Ningeocheak | Tel: (867) 925-9767
PO Box 84 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

The Coral Harbour airport is located about 17 km (11 miles) from town. The Company 11 Mile Trek constantly hauls freight from the airport. The Company, established in 1986, owns four trucks to do the freight hauls to and from the airport. The owner, Jimmy Ningoecheak, is also the Community's Calm Air Agent.

coral harbour aggiq

Aggiq Seamstress
Owner: Emily Natakok | Tel: (867) 925-8318
PO Box 75 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Aggiq Seamstress was established in 1997 by Emily Natakok. She is well known for her jackets with your own choice of design and colors. She also sews traditional clothing such as kamiks and mitts as well as amautiks made of fabric and local furs.

Cindy's I/T services
Owner: Cindy Ningeongan | Tel: (867)925-8053
P.O. Box 86 Coral Harbour, NU X0C-0C0

The Interpreter/translator service was established in 2009. Cindy does interpreting and simultaneous translating.

J & J auto repair service
Owner: Jason & Jake Netser | Tel: (867)925-8134 or 8621
P.O. Box 82 Coral Harbour, NU X0C-0C0



coral harbour leonie duffy

Leonie's Place and Craft Shop
Owner: Leonie Duffy | Tel: (867) 925-9751
Fax: (867) 925-8606
PO Box 123 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Leonie's Place is a comfortable and clean Hotel with eight room occupancy. All rooms have a TV and private washroom. There is a large lounge for guests and meals are served in a common kitchen and dining room. Prices are $225.00 per night per person. Meals are extra and priced at $15 for breakfast, $25 for lunch and $40 for supper are served to hotel guests only. Please make reservations.
A Craft Shop is also located in the premises. Leonie's Place is a non-smoking environment.

Natuk's Sewing
Owner: Natuk Paniyuk | Tel: (867) 925-8007
PO Box 93 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Established in 1996, Natuk's Sewing makes custom made traditional clothing of all kinds, including amautiks, jackets, mitts, snow pants and kamiks. For more information and pricing please phone.

R & A Vehicle Rental
Owner: Ronnie & Annie Ningeongan | Tel: (867)925-8098
P.O. Box 97 Coral Harbour NU, X0C-0C0

R & A Vehicle Rental, established in 2009, currently rents 4 pickup trucks and 1 Jeep. The Inuit owned firm is registered with Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI), NNI, Nunavut Legal Registries and the Hamlet.

Runway Taxi
Owner: Sam Emiktowt | Tel: (867)925-8615
P.O. Box 31 Coral Harbour, NU X0C-0C0

coral harbour sudliq development

Sudliq Development Limited
Owner: Louis Bruce | Tel: (867) 925-8840
Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Sudliq Development Ltd sells oil, gas, maintains roads on the Island, hauls gravel and works on other construction projects. With the airport being about 17 km (11 miles) from town, a lot of work is needed to maintain the roads. The company also rents out equipment and office space. Sudliq Development also owns a take out pizza service.

Tuniq Lumber and Supplies
Owner: Bruce McKitrick | Tel: (867) 925-8255 | Fax: (867) 925-8051
PO Box 176 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Building a house or cabin? Renovating? Established in 1996, Tuniq Lumber and Supplies is the place to get all your building materials. The Company also carries various supplies and hardware equipment.

Ulu House
Owner: Leonie and Bruce Mckitrick | Tel: (867) 925-8255 | Fax: (867) 925-8051
PO Box 176 Coral Harbour, Nunavut, X0C 0C0

Ulu House is a Bed & Breakfast, with three bedrooms and five available beds in the house.


coral harbour katudgevik

Katudgevik Coop Store
Tel: (867) 925-9969 or (867) 925-9909 | Fax: (867) 925-8309
Coral Harbour, Nunavut X0C 0C0




coral harbour nothern store

Northern Store
Tel: (867) 925-9920 | Fax: (867) 925-8863
PO Box 90 Coral Harbour, Nunavut X0C 0C0




Guides/Outfitters/Tour Operators

For a list of licenced Guides, Outfitters and Operators, please contact the EDO at the Hamlet of Coral Harbour at (867) 925-8867 or email at

Siku Tours

E&E Outfitting
(867) 925-8455