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Economic Development in Coral Harbour and the web site is headed by the Community Economic Development Officer (CEDO). 

The CEDO works with the Economic Development committee to support local businesses, tourism, outfitting and economic activity and also works under the Hamlet of Coral Harbour.

Please contact the CEDO for more information or for comments on the web site:

Community Economic Development Officer
P.O Box 30 Coral Harbour, NU, X0C 0C0
Tel: 867-925-8868 | Fax: 867-925-8233

Contact Information from the Hamlet of Coral Harbour Offices:
For Executive Assistant (867) 925 8323
Municipal Liaison Officer (867) 925 8323
Finance Officer (867) 925 8323
For Senior Administrative Officer (867) 925 8870
Finance Director (867) 925 8870
For Recreation Coordinator (867) 925 8127 or 925 8085